Report and Briefing Packet for MI-5 (SAB branch)

Mission Name: Devil's Due.

Kelvin’s Purpose in the Caucuses

From the contents of the suitcase, it seems Kelvin was trying to secure victory for one of several political/corporate factions competing for an untapped oil field. He was receiving a comparatively small retainer and seemed largely to be profiting by looting and extortion. From what we’ve learned form the prisoner, Kelvin apparently considered this a nothing assignment and a waste of his time. However, he apparently accepted it to keep a low profile while still making money.

Intelligence gathered about attack on the Chunnel

There were records of orders and correspondence in the suitcase of documents the team retrieved. These documents make oblique but regular mention of a previous mission Kelvin was on. Apparently Kelvin’s employer considers that mission a failure and holds Kelvin largely responsible.

Our interviews with the captured irregular have filled out some of the details. Kelvin apparently regularly griped that he didn’t deserve this and that all the mission objectives were fulfilled. He didn’t make explicit mention of the Chunnel itself but did mention certain details that only those on the scene were aware of. He apparently blamed any lack of success on the Mind-Swapper not carrying his weight. Apparently the Mind-Swapper did help Kelvin escape, but then disappeared “after recovering his body.” We aren’t sure exactly what that means, the irregular had only heard mention of the Mind-Swapper a few times.

Kelvin’s employer

[Pictures of a blond man, fairly cold blue eyes, puckered skin. Caption: Kristian Hexeburg.]

[A map of Norway with the estate marked and a few pictures of the manor house are also attached.]

Kelvin’s employer is one Kristian Hexeburg, a reclusive multimillionaire and head of the Kabal (Patience) Investment Group which has been in his family for multiple generations. This group is currently the primary shareholder in the Erikson Oil Exploration Company. Unsurprisingly, financial investigation has revealed that the Erikson Company had a great deal to gain by Kelvin’s maneuvers in the caucuses.

Investigations over the past few weeks using warrants based off the suitcase information and the testimony of the irregular have confirmed suspicions that the Kabal Investment Group appears to have nefarious intentions. On many occasions, the company has profited from suspected supernatural events that effected their holdings. Moreover, the group appears to have been cultivating ties with legitimate fronts of criminal organizations for the past several decades. However, to this point they have been quite low-key, perhaps fearing reprisal if they were discovered.

Investigations into Kristian Hexeburg supports these suspicions. The Hexeburg family has been extraordinarily secluded for some time now, although Kristian the male leader at the time have been appearing more frequently in the past centuries, from only once every few decades in the 18 th to several times a year nowadays. The vast majority of their affairs seem to be handled by subordinates and representatives. When he has appeared in public he’s had quite the security entourage including some extra-planers, although that is not all that unusual for someone in his economic bracket.

The Hexeburgs purchased the family estate in the seventeenth century after the death of the family that had dwelt there. The estate itself is at least a millennia old. There apparently have long been rumors surrounding what occurs at the manor house, although there seem to have been special precautions taken in the past few centuries to allay suspicion. However, local parish records suspecting demonic activity have been confirmed by our investigators. In cooperation with the EU and researchers from Peter Gibraltar’s group we’ve confirmed the mystical signature of a hell gate below the manor.

We are presently preparing a joint strike force to raid the hell dimension in question. Our objective will be the incapacitation Kristian and the severing of ties between our plane and this dimension. Bringing Kristian back to pay for his crimes would be ideal, but not necessary. Otherwise, the dimension is considered a free fire zone. We are presently completing preparations for the assault.