SAB Mercenaries:
Player Ciara
AppearanceAri looks like she's in her mid-20s. She has shoulder-length hair in that shade that's not quite brown but not quite blond, and it's currently pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes are green. She's wearing a gray t-shirt, a dark blue windbreaker with the hood down, a faded pair of blue jeans, and sneakers. Overall, she's fairly ordinary. Not the type of person you'd give a second look to under normal circumstances.
AbilitiesComputer affinity (details classified) and color changing eyes
Weaknesses Classified
Theme Information Society - Can't Slow Down [1990] {self chosen}
NameMarlyne, Jonathon
Player Rowyn
Appearance [Artist Rendering by Rowyn] His brown hair juts out in front of his forehead in spikes. He dresses in a fashionable suit and looks to be in his late 20s, 6'2" and fairly athletically built. He has a black camera hanging around his neck with a flash and a blue duffle bag
History Journalist (both writing and photography) with 'Deadly Sun'
Abilities Not a bad shot; camera has the ability to freeze or burn opponents. Smooth.
Theme Fleetword Mac - Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow [] {self-chosen}
Name McLochlane, "Mad Dog" Marguerite
Player Chamelaeon
Appearance [Artist Rendering by Yu-Mei]Marguerite is a young woman with slightly-longer-than-shoulder-length red hair, usually french-braided, and a pair of emerald green eyes. She stands 5'8", and weighs a hefty 180 pounds. Most of this is muscle. She is not considered girlishly gorgeous, but she has been described as having a nice figure, and a decent face when it is not covered in camouflage paint or a combat mask. She wears a forest-style camouflage jumpsuit, with pockets all over it, an
army-style webbing belt, and standard issue steel-plated jungle boots. She wears
fingerless black leather gloves, and she carries a dark blue satchel, which
softly clanks in an ominous manner.
History Has worked with and subsequently left the EU supernatural containment force. Tends to limit force level only if strictly and explicitly required by mission objectives.
Abilities Gun and heavy weapon specialist. Carries plasma launcher called "Bubba" [Artist Rendering by Chamelaeon].
Weaknesses Drinks more than the rest of the mercs combined.

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock [] {Self-chosen}
Yoko Kanno - LIVE in Baghdad [] {Preston}

Name Mozzarella, Yvonne
Player Brett.

Yvonne is a very noticeable young woman. She's drop dead gorgeous, with albino traits, and weird blue-on-black eyes. Her pinkish-white hair is short, but her bangs are long, falling over one eye. She tends to wear very, very sexy/revealing clothing. She also has approximately seven piercings in her left ear. She's average height, shapely and well endowed. Recent Missions: Wetwork

History Classified.
Abilities Skimming Flight
Weaknesses Easily distracted by vaguely attractive people.
Theme Castlevania Chronicles - Wicked Child [] {Preston}
Name Nanirabu, Yuri
Player Mechalink

Yuri is a 5'4" well toned Japanese female. She is bald, with brown eyebrows. She actually wears either a monk's hakama or jeans/shorts/skirts and a t- shirt, being less traditional minded than Saldin. A golden chain can be seen around her neck, but what it's attached to is not usually visible. Her eyes are a solid yellow, almost golden. There is a beauty in the way she carries herself, and her soft features that looks far more attractive than Saldin can usually manage. She has the same tattoos as Saldin, more or less. The one difference is while Saldin's 'soul' design is a little watery... hers is more like the spirit of earth, in that some of the pieces seem rocky, along edges, the bottom, the core.

One could certaintly identify that she is a monk, as she has tattoos of various chinese and japanese symbols and pictures on his body, some of the most noticeable being the kanji for 'Servant' on the top of her his head, just above the 'third eye', chinese characters for 'Evil sealer' and 'Devotion' on her chest. Beauty and Grace on the tops of her legs. 'Understanding' and 'Strength' on her shoulders, and more. ('Mental/Spiritual Steadfastness/Fortitude' is on her stomach.) The stylistic design of a soul also covers most of her back, however

History Classified.
Abilities Powerful strikes, can sense extraplanars.
Weaknesses Weak vs. giant robots.


Name Qian, Saldin
Player Mechalink

Saldin is about 6'1", and fairly muscular. His skin is a darker, more Indian looking color, and he has the Tibetan look, which is to say, like every monk in every movie you've ever watched. He is bald, but not hairless (his eyebrow hair is black) and usually wears loose chinese pants and a simple shirt and wooden shoes. A golden chain can be seen around his neck, but what it's attached to is not usually visible. His eyes are solid white.

As a female, he has slightly above average breasts, but the loose shirt and pants don't give you much definition. He does not gain any hair, and his face softens, giving quite an exotic look. Of course, when he exorcises, one can see that he is as buff in the female form, usually, almost as much as he is when male, and not unattractive in the slightest. He tends not to wear a bra or any support, perhaps due to his not particularly caring.
History Classified
Abilities Teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, exorcism, psychic healing.
Weaknesses Cannot control teleportation, form unstable and not under his control.

Legends of Mana Soundtrack - Missing Truth [1999] {Preston}
Quantum Leap - Opening Theme {Yvonne}

NameRan, Ren
Player Jex
AppearanceHe's 5'10, with a stocky build and wide shoulders. He's got frizzy short black hair, that looks like it would eat a comb. He's wearing a white t-shirt, with a dull red fake leather windbreaker over it, and a pair of old-looking jeans. He has bright green eyes.
Abilities Immediate access to an incredible selection of guns, which he wields two handed. Alternate feline form has ability to teleport.
Name Rashid, Kahlya
Player Rowyn.

[Artist Rendering by Rowyn] Kahlya is a girl in her mid-teens with black hair tied in a braid around the back which turns into a crude ponytail. Violet eyes that have vertical slitting which isn't always prominent, but can be noticed if you stare hard enough. She looks lithely built and a tad "underdeveloped" but since she doesn't look that old it's not too much of an issue. She wears an interesting clothing set, usually settling for an over skirt and shorts and a camosole-detached sleeve minitop up top. Her shoes can vary but she usually goes for boots.

Her scythe stands about up to shoulder height and has a blade is only slightly smaller than the handle. The metal of the scythe gleams with a soft metallic light blue steel.

History Classified.
Abilities Highly dangerous with her a scythe, magical attacks, mist creation.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None
Name Seifer, Leslie "Red"
Player Yu Mei
Appearance [Artist Rendering by Yu-Mei available] Tall, athletic, and alarmingly shapely, Red is built like an amazon -- the good kind, like Wonder Woman. She has a lovely, slightly cherubic face with neck-length, brilliant flame-red hair and deep green eyes, full lips, and a small nose.
History Assassinated an Mi-5 agent working for SAB while not aware of his true identity.
Abilities Sniper.
Weaknesses Killed a SAB agent because of misleading intel.
Theme None
NameShimiru, Tim
Player RDMgryphon
AppearanceAsian in his late teens with orange hair, black pants and a white t-shirt
History Katherine Andrew's "nephew."
Abilities Can teleport self and non-organic matter, can use ability on bullets in flight.
Weaknesses Bit of an attitude.
Theme Bare Naked Ladies - Falling for the First Time.