Permanent SAB Staff:
NameChen, Michael
AppearanceFairly tall and fit asian guy in his late twenties. Has spikey blond dyed hair.
Recent Missions Ambulance Chasing.
HistoryAnglican Deacon. Otherwise classified.
AbilitiesAdvanced weapondry afficendo.
WeaknessesApproach may at times be more imaginative than practical.
Theme Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters Opening Theme [1984] {self-chosen}
NameEckerd, Dame Sarah
AppearanceFifty-seven year old Englishwoman. Fit and severe with gray hair. Wears formal dignified attire
Recent MissionsRegular
Name Ferguson, Erin (Deceased)
AppearanceRed-haired Irish male in his mid thirties but, has a younger looking freckled face.
Recent Missions Gave briefing in Visiting Hours; Doing follow up research on VVV; Died before Ambulence Chasing
AbilitiesTrained in infiltration, interrogation, and information analysis
WeaknessesNot a combat specialist
Theme Judy and Mary - "Sobakasu" aka Freckles (Kenshin Opening Theme) [1996] {Self-Chosen}
NameJaeger, Victor
AppearanceForty-two year old Romanian with shaggy and curly brown hairs and eyes. Tends to wear fairly splattered white laboratory smocks
Recent MissionsBriefing in Hunting Mobsters, Air Superiority, and Vampire Vacation Violence
Abilities Skilled with gadget creation and 'mad' science. Werewolf, of the pure but large wolf-form sort.
Weaknesses Goes a bit feral while in wolf form..
Theme Lifeblood - Captive Life [2018] {self-chosen}
Name Mai
AppearanceChinese woman, mid thirties
Recent Missions Bad Moon Rising.
Abilities Can create wide selection of books from nothing, capable of remote communications/research, incredibly fast reader, translator, otherwise classified.
Weaknesses Not combat trained in the slightest.
NamePreston, Walker
AppearanceMid-twenties, medium height and a tad stocky, fairly close cut black hair
Recent MissionsFreed in Island Assault, Celebratory Soiree
AbilitiesCommunications specialist.
WeaknessesLimited field training.
Theme Queen - Radio Gaga [1984] {self-chosen}
Name Ramsden, William
Appearance Partially translucent fifty year old english gentlemen.
Recent Missions Only seen outside of missions.
History Dead. Otherwise classified
Abilities Squad leader in life. Ghost. Can pass through walls . Handles advanced training using psychic abilities.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme Samantha Mumba and Lulu - To Sir With Love [1967] {Preston}
NameWarlow, Reverend Mary
AppearanceThirty four year old Welsh woman. Shoulder length brown hair usually accompanied by a serious expression. Wears priestly attire while on duty
Recent MissionsRegular
History Ordained Anglican Priest. Otherwise classified
AbilitiesSpecialist in undead hunting. Has a cruciform shotgun
WeaknessesTad over-zealous when it comes to the undead.
Theme Moby - Run On [1999] {self-chosen}

NameAbunai, Doctor Nelson
AppearanceDresses like a field medic. He's in his earlier thirties, going on seventy. Dark skin, short nappy hair.
Recent MissionsAssisted in Island Assault
AbilitiesCapable of granting incredibly fast healing
WeaknessesTerrible bedside manner
ThemeJackson Brown - Doctor My Eyes [1972] {Preston}
Name Fellows, Ron
Affiliation Consultant.
Appearance Has black hair a bit below his shoulders, fairly lean and cute.
Recent Missions Assisted in Ambulance Chasing.
Abilities Athiest exorcist. Claims to be resistant to all this extra-planar bullshit.
Weaknesses Classified
Theme None.
Name Kinsley, Jiada
Affiliation Consultant.
Appearance Middle aged female, with a face that can easily manage friendly or stern. Tends to wear brown robes.
Recent Missions Assisted in Ambulance Chasing.
Abilities Can block teleportation using glowing green pentegrams.
Theme Muties - Green Magic Woman [2015] {self-chosen}
Name Lord, Agent Author
Affiliation MI-6
Appearance Twenty-eight year old Englishman. Wears stylish suits and is very appearance conscious
Recent Missions Kidnapped in UFO catcher; Captured and then freed in Island Assault; Got his groove on in Celebratory Soiree
History Classified
Abilities At least moderately adept at infiltration.
Weaknesses Super-spy wanna be. Not the best bladder in a crisis
Theme Carly Simons - Baby You're the Best [1977] {self-chosen}
Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man [1965] {Preston}

Mercenaries's Friends and Relations:

NameLlewelyn, Sarah
AffiliationDrew Wilson's fiancee.
AppearanceLithe young woman. At the soiree she wore an elegent royal blue dress and some nice jewelry including a silver armband. Her brown hair was in a bun held together by two chopsticks.
Recent MissionsCelebratory Soiree.