Name Directorate of Military Intelligence, Section 5 (Mi5) [Homepage]
Membership Classified. SAB is a Branch under the jurisdiction of Mi-5.
Status Slightly ahead in an interdepartmental turf battles.
Recent Missions All.
History Available off site.
Abilities Handles Britain's internal intelligence needs.
Weaknesses Classified
Theme None
Name Directorate of Military Intelligence, Section 6 (Mi6)
Membership Classified.
Status Slightly behind in an interdepartmental turf battle.
Recent Missions UFO Hunter, Island Assault.
History Classified.
Abilities Handles Britain's external intelligence needs.
Weaknesses Use of supernaturals forbidden by treaty.
Theme None
Name Elite Operatives
Membership Alex Lawrences from alternate universe, including females.
Status Many of his parallels are dead, remainder returned to home dimension.
Recent Missions Skirmished with group in Island Assault
History Organization formed after Alex Lawrence in this universe discovered some sort of dimension crossing technology.
Abilities Can recruit alternates from other dimensions. The grunts tend to wear body armour, use range of modern weaponry, and can voluntarily fade from existence back to their home dimension.
Weaknesses Still human and fairly easy to kill if you can get past the armour
Theme Queen - Another One Bites the Dust [1980] {Preston}
Name Gray Aliens
Membership Short and gray humanoids with almond shaped heads.
Status Captured and traded as part of larger negotiations
Recent Missions Shot down in UFO Catcher
History Have been trying to kidnap 'James Bond.' Previously have been attempting to capture Dukes of Hazard.
Abilities Possess flying saucers with plasma guns and tractor beams
Weaknesses Not terrific shots. Can't fly high while carrying a car
Theme Muties - Please Preheat your Probes [2018] {Preston}
Name European Union "EU" [Homepage]
Membership General Adam Thornley, Colonel Alba 'Sandpiper' Vega Ortiz.
Status Recently lost two commandos, but generally strong.
Recent Missions Helicopter dropped off Eckerd before Defend the Crown Jewels. Mind controlled commandos fought group Bohemian Rhapsody (Bug Zapper). Worked with Templars at the end of Wetwork.
History Available off-site
Abilities While domestic security services or the Interpol handle supernaturals in most European Union nations, there is an elite force available when the situation warrants a military response. They work in balanced squads of eight to nine soldiers and are capable of sending multiple squads if necessary.
Weaknesses Largely but not exclusively dependent on equipment and cybernetic or biological enhancements rather than supernatural powers.
Theme None.
Name Interpol
Membership Large number of members in many parts of the world, including Saki Morikawa in England.
Status Reasonably successful, has not had direct involvement with SAB missions.
Recent Missions None.
History Available off-site
Abilities Largest international policing force for both regular and supernatural affairs, Interpol has two branches: A regular unit and a supernatural investigations unit. These branches operate on an international scale, cooperating with domestic securities in many nations.
Weaknesses Not all countries like to have Interpol meddling in domestic affairs. Interpol is also often hindered by international red tape. Although some operatives are heavily equipped, it is still a police organization, not a military one. Furthermore, while large in the international sense, it has a limited number of operatives per area.
Theme Dracula X: Nocturn in the Moonlight - Guardian {Preston}.
Name Lloyds of London
Membership Insurance agent and his two assistants.
Status Losing a bit of money thanks to SAB.
Recent Missions Insurance offered on all missions.
History Longstanding prestigious insurance and re-insurance company.
Abilities In addition to regular policies, offers a quite expensive one that covers all possible sources of damage, including Acts of God.
Weaknesses Insures SAB.
Theme None.
Name Paragene Solutions
Membership Many employees.
Status Quite profitable.
Appearance Business suits.
Recent Missions None.
History Corporation specializing in genetic engineering. Competing in the tournament for Breaker.
Abilities Classified.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name Peter Gibraltar's Group
Membership Peter Gibraltar, Mak.
Status Growing.
Appearance Varies greatly.
Recent Missions Attended the end of Bohemian Rhapsody.
History Seaking to drive out harmful extra-planars. Will be competing in tournament for Breaker.
Abilities Good number of exorcists, otherwise classified.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name PK Group [Logo]
Membership Prudence Kinsha. Hector, Hobbes, and Big Green guy also affiliated.
Status Fighting.
Recent Missions Fighting the group in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History Weapons merchants. Provide technology to circumvent the weaknesses or augment the strengths of supernaturals. Work has included boxers for Robert Lighter, IR protecting ponchos for vampires, Hector's cyborg enhancements (presumably), cannon for big green guy.
Abilities Weapons design, have a superb hacker on staff.
Weaknesses Apparent group leader is a flake.
Theme None.
NameRussian Mob
MembershipMorpher, Witch, among many others
StatusTwo agents captured
Recent MissionsDefeated in Hunting Mobsters
HistoryCriminal organization that emerged in the confusion after the fall of the Soviet Union
AbilitiesNo particular pattern
Weaknesses UK is not their home turf.
Name Supernatural Affairs Branch
Membership Headed by Eckerd, many other members.
Status Has had a string of successful missions.
Recent Missions All.
History Current incarnation of SAB initiated after suffering a high casualty assault on SAB's original training facilities.
Abilities Access to resources of British government, Anglican support among other exorcists, research and development facilties, super natural research capacity, super natural training capacity. Access to a variety of mercenaries.
Weaknesses Insufficient budget for full capacity staff results in the reliance on mercenaries.
Theme None
Name Telekinetic Family
Membership From oldest to youngest: Maelstrom, Manic, Magnie
Status All three captured
Recent Missions Defeated in Air Superiority and Visiting hours
History Unknown, apparently unpleasant
Abilities Different forms of telekinesis.
Weaknesses Each has a different limitation
Theme None
Name Templars
Membership Lead by Ruth Lonava.
Status Classified.
Recent Missions None.
History Supernatural rights organization. Group of unknown size formed for mutual protection. Assisted in Wetwork and are assisting Chunnel repairs.
Abilities Highly variable.
Weaknesses Classified
Theme None
Name Vampire Commandos
Membership Mercs.
Status Numbers greatly depleted.
Appearance Variable, dependent on type.
Recent Missions Clashed in Vampire Vacation Violence, defeated in Ambulance Chasing.
History Association with Anwyl unknown. Target of numerous strikes after Ambulance Chasing.
Abilities Highly variable. Known to include: Invisibility and obfuscation, jumping and strength, speed. Not all types have all abilities.
Weaknesses Sunlight, fire, stakes to the heart. Sometimes garlic and religious symbols.
Theme None.
Name Vanguard Aerospace
Membership Many employs.
Status Quite profitable.
Appearance Business suits.
Recent Missions None.
History Corporation that over the past several years has found great success in providing technology and supplies for less developed nations that the more developed would prefer they not have. Competing in the tournament for Breaker.
Abilities Classified.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.