NameBao, Naran
AffiliationManages her store
AppearanceOld, short, and vicious Mongolian woman
Recent MissionsSold information in Mobster Hunting
AbilitiesSells magical components and keeps some items on hand
WeaknessesInspires fear but not loyalty in subordinates
Theme Muties - Mongolian BBQ Closing Theme [2015] {Preston}
NameBao, Rick
AffiliationGrandson of Naran Bao
AppearanceBored and affected looking teenager. Ethnically Mongolian with an English accent
Recent MissionsSold information cheap in Mobster Hunting
HistoryConfidential due to status as a minor
AbilitiesNone known
WeaknessesStuck working for his grandmother
Theme Muties - Mongolian BBQ Opening Theme [2015] {Preston}
Name Ceilia
Affiliation Dated Drake before loss, current relationship status unknown
Status Alive and free
Appearance Mildly attractive woman in her mid twenties.
Recent Missions Seen on vid-screen in background in Island Assault; on helicopter in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Theme Garbage - The World is Not Enough [1999] {Preston}
Name Charamut, Rebecca
Affiliation European Union. European Council President.
Status Alive.
Appearance Polish woman, late 50's, tall, medium build. Greying curly hair.
Recent Missions Post-Wetwork press conference
History 'Sensitive Information'
Abilities 'Sensitive Information'
Weaknesses 'Sensitive Information'
Theme None.
Name "Eris"
Affiliation Unknown.
Status Alive and well.
Appearance Bit of four feet tall and looks like a teenager, although her features are a tad elfin. She has brownish/greenish hair and large purple butterfly wings.
Recent Missions Was a decoy for the Bohemian Rhapsody mission.
History Volunteered services to SAB to assist on Bohemian Rhapsody mission. Associated with the nightclub 'Wretched'.
Abilities Minor Telekinesis, can disguise appearance, and fly slowly using wings, capable of defending herself, capable of acting as a beacon for extra-planars.
Weaknesses Acting as a beacon requires use of most of her powers.
Theme None.
Name Erica
Affiliation Lloyds of London.
Status Alive and free
Appearance Female wearing professional business dress. Blond hair.
Recent Missions Has consistently accompanied the insurance agent.
History Classified.
Abilities Can handle a machine gun.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name Frei
Affiliation No apparent larger alignment. Extra-planar.
Status Alive and free.
Appearance Frei is, physically speaking, early 20's, male, reasonably attractive in a bishi sort of way if you're into it. Seems to love sexy clothing of all sorts. He has bright silver hair and, if you're close enough to see, dark red eyes.
Recent Missions Assisted in Bohemian Rhapsody (Bug Zapper), observed in Bad Moon Rising (investigation), visited hospital post-Wetwork.
History Classified.

Teleportation, Various magical-seeming attacks.

Weaknesses Classified.

Seatbelts - Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol) [] {Self-chosen}

Name Gibralter, Peter
Affiliation Leads his own religious movement.
Status Fine, damn fine really.

Peter wears a white suit and tie and a black shirt, his eyes are dark brown which contrasts with his light mocha skin. He's got the looks and bearing of a movie or television star, although he's definitely in the damned handsome rather than pretty boy category. He's got a bible in his left hand and a cross on his belt buckle

Recent Missions Arrived to assist in Bohemian Rhapsody (Welcoming Party).
History Televangelist and singer/songwriter.

Great voice, said to sometimes perform miracles.

Weaknesses Classified.

Niel Diamond - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show [] {TV theme}
Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man [] {Preston}

NameJohnson, Derk
Affiliation Lead guitarist of Lifeblood
AppearanceEnglishman of indeterminate age appears to be in his early thirties. Straight black hair and bright green eyes. Sets his own fashions, typically quite expensive.
Recent MissionsMobbed by fans in Vampire Vacation Violence
HistoryUnknown. VH1, MTV3, and millions of fans are trying to change that
AbilitiesVampire. According to Victor he plays like he was sired by Keith Richards
WeaknessesNot known for day-time outside appearances
Theme Lifeblood - Rumours of my Death [2014] {Widely thought to be self-descriptive}
Name Insurance Agent.
Affiliation Lloyds of London.
Appearance Tanned skin, likes pin-stripped suits.
Recent Missions Spoke with Eckerd after Visiting Hours, replaced equipment after Ambulance Chasing.
History Classified.
Abilities Classified.
Weaknesses Has a few enemies, recently lost a car to a bomb and wasn't all that surprised.
Theme Meatloaf - Lawyers, Guns, and Money [] {Preston}
Name Insurance Agent's other assistant.
Affiliation Lloyds of London.
Appearance Bald male wearing robes like those of a buddhist monk.
Recent Missions Consistently accompanies the Insurance agent.
History Classified.
Abilities Classified.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name Lonava, Ruth
Affiliation Templar leader.
Appearance Fairly young, likes blue robes, plain aside from floor length elegent hair.
Recent Missions Healed the wounded after Ambulance Chasing, helped control waterflow at end of Wetwork, appeared in press conference afterwards.
History Classified.
Abilities Healing, water affiliated (particularly hair), telekenetic control of water, water-based group transport.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme U2 - Mysterious Ways [] {Preston}
Yoko Ueno - Fortress by the Water [] {Self-chosen}
Name Mak
Affiliation Apparent follower of Peter Gibralter
Status Fine.

Mak has a lean hungry look, his black hair slicked back, and is fairly handsome and in his late thirties. He's caucasian but his skin has a slightly ashen quality, those with good eyes can see that this seems to be the result of gray veins barely visible beneath his skin. He tends to wear a long and heavy black trench coat over black pants and a white oxford shirt and has a medium sized silver cross hanging from a chain around his neck. He wears a pair of mirrored shades which completely obscure his eyes.

Recent Missions Arrived to assist in Bohemian Rhapsody (Welcoming Party).
History Has degree in theology, substantial number of confirmed extra-planar kills. Otherwise classified.

Has a dark gray high tech looking pistol of some sort that leaves festering gray wounds that seem difficult to regenerate. Seemed able to see Miles while he was invisible.

Weaknesses Seems to have trouble working with even friendly extra-planars.

Jesus Christ Superstar - Overture [] {Self-chosen}
Rob Zombie - Dragula [] {Preston}

Name Maelstrom
Affiliation Teke Family
Status Released after damages paid.
Appearance Dusky brunette, but not as attractive as her younger sister Magnie.
Recent Missions Thwarted and captured in visiting hours
History Unknown, apparently unpleasant.
Abilities Can control tons of non-living matter at a distance, can form a revolving shield of debris to block and harm attackers.
Weaknesses Can't control living matter.
Theme Christopher Franke - Babylon 5 Main Title 3rd Season (Instrumental) [1997] {Preston}
Name Magnie
Affiliation Teke Family
Status Released after damages paid.
Appearance Beautiful teenage blond with a six meter holographic wingspan.
Recent Missions Defeated in Air Superiority; Held in visting hours
History Unknown, apparently unpleasant.
Abilities Flight at high speed. Telekinesis over airborne objects, including the ability to grab bullets out of the air, fairly charming when she wants to be.
Weaknesses Really doesn't like being grounded
Theme Violinist of Hamelin Soundtrack - Ride of the Valkyries [1997] {Preston}
Name Manic
Affiliation Teke Family
Status Released after damages paid.
Appearance Black haired pretty boy, apparently in his mid to late teens.
Recent Missions Thwarted and captured in visiting hours
History Unknown, apparently unpleasant.
Abilities Flight and ground movement at high speed, telekinesis over living things, some healing ability.
Weaknesses Can't control non-living matter.
Theme King of Fighters 2000 - Will [2000] {Preston}
Name Mansoor, Fatin
Affiliation Mystical Al Jazerra Reporter.
Appearance Wears a head scarf of the fashionable sort. In her forties but rather attractive for that age. Nice to look at but seems intensely serious about her job. Medium height and while not built looks like she could handle field reporting without much trouble.
Recent Missions Asked probing questions in the Post-Wetwork Interview
History Had been promising television journalist in Al Jazerra until reporting on the mystical got her bumped to an affiliate. Quickly rose to the to lead anchorwoman of said affiliate and is best known reporter on the mystical in much of the non-Western world.
Abilities Strong reputation for research and hard nosed reporting. Otherwise unknown.
Weaknesses Sometimes accused of bias.
Theme None
Name Nanirabo, Yuri
Affiliation Fellow Monk of Saldin's.
Status Alive.
Appearance An attractive teenage Japanese woman, 5'4", with well toned muscles. Bald with brown eyebrows and yellow/gold eyes, she wears a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. She carries herself with confidence. She also appeaars to be wearing a gold necklace similar to Saldin's, and has tattoos in a similar pattern as well.
Recent Missions Wetwork (assisted Saldin)
History Classified
Abilities Exorcism
Weaknesses Seems to have some form instability.
Theme Aikawa Nanase - Yumemiru Shoujo Ja Irarenai [] (Self-chosen)
Name Nicole "Breaker"
Affiliation She has yet to decide who will train her .
Status Protective custody.

Breaker's obviously not past her mid teens and could only be said to be attractive if you go for that enraged and psychotic look. Hey eyes are a bloodshot brown grey which and her tangled brown hair is unevenly cut, but shoulder length at most. She's tends to wear a torn set of black jeans that seem to have more studs than strictly necessary as well as a few crimson stains. Her top was a dingy t-shirt covered by a plaid vest.

Recent Missions Defended in Bohemian Rhapsody.
History Killed a police officer while still adapting to her powers, but subsequently voluntarily, accompanied the team. Classified due to status as a minor.
Abilities Can sense extra-planars and spirits and know some of their weaknesses, extreme strength, likely more powers yet discovered. Powers stem from status as champion of our plane, a counter-balance to the strength of extra-planars.
Weaknesses Still new to her powers. Poor impulse control.
Theme The Clash - London Calling [] {Self-chosen}
Name Swordswoman
Affiliation Templar, or at least Templar Friendly
Status Alive.
Appearance A woman with an attractive if severe look, probably thirties, very fit, fairly thin, chin and features are well defined and angular. Also has a sword.
Recent Missions Assisted Ruth Lonava in Wetwork
History Classified.
Abilities Classified.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name Thornley, General Adam (Formerly referred to as EU Military high ranking officer)
Affiliation General for the EU Rapid Response force (not the supernatural force).
Status Alive and free
Appearance Forties and quite fit.
Recent Missions Seen in helicopter in Defending the Crown Jewels, appeared in a press conference after Wetwork.
History Classified.
Abilities Being a General .
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
Name Vega Ortiz, Alba 'Sandpiper'
Affiliation Colonel in the EU Anti-supernatural force.
Status Alive and free
Appearance Thirties fairly fit but otherwise unremarkable..
Recent Missions Seen in helicopter in Defending the Crown Jewels; present at debriefing of surviving commando..
History Classified.
Abilities Helicopter Pilot.
Weaknesses Classified.
Theme None.
NameWinslow, Jessica
AffiliationDaughter of a MP
AppearanceEnglish teenager with dyed black hair and gothy look
Recent MissionsRetrieved in Vampire Vacation Violence
HistoryConfidential due to status as a minor
AbilitiesNone known, still human
WeaknessesNot the wisest girl in the world
Theme Lifeblood - Eternal Love [2016] {Preston's guess at her self-chosen}
NameWoman in purple
AffiliationProbable American in her twenties
AppearanceExceedingly short and wears unusual purple garb
Recent MissionsShowed up at the bar after UFO Catcher
AbilitiesDart shark. Knows about SAB
Theme None.