Name Anwyl (Deceased)
Affiliation Vampire conspirator.
Status Dead, again, permanently this time.
Appearance Bit pale, but otherwise quite handsome black haired Welsh man. Wore fashionable black suit with green lining.
Recent Missions Assassinated in Ambulance Chasing.
History Classified
Abilities Elder Vampire. Teleporter, Telepath, capable of mind control, shadow shield.
Weaknesses Not invincible.
Theme None.
Name Carnal
Affiliation Vampire conspirator.
Status Dead, for now. Likely to reincarnate.
Appearance Female, mix of forms including possessing batwings.
Recent Missions Killed in Ambulance Chasing.
History Classified
Abilities Bat swarm, flight, fairly strong, sunlight resistant.
Weaknesses Not invincible.
Theme None.
Name Damasuren, Ivanova
Affiliation Russian mob
Status Captured
Appearance A Mongolian born Russian citizen, age twenty-nine. Wears business suits and isn't known for a friendly smile
Recent Missions Defeated in Hunting Mobsters
History Used by the mob to intimidate and humiliate opponents
Abilities Can turn people into cute little animals
Weaknesses Not the greatest fighter. Ability doesn't always work
Theme Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle [1987] {Preston}
NameDevil Cat
AffiliationPresumably pet of Theodore Drake
StatusReverted to small form and escaped
AppearanceWhite Persian long-hair, sometimes twenty feet tall..
Recent MissionsSeen by Marcus in Island Assault
HistoryTo be determined via questioning.
AbilitiesCan get big and has a nasty swipe
Theme Portland Symphony Orchestra - Devil Cat [2020] {Drake}
POTUSA - Kitty [1995] {Preston}
NameDrake, Theodore
AffiliationWas an island overlord has a greater affiliation to be determined via questioning
Status Working towards parole by testifying against national sponsors. Currently in EU custody.
AppearanceCaucasian male in mid twenties with a shaved head and a recently tailored leisure suit in a cheery shade of orange.
Recent MissionsLost to group in Island Assault; primary purpose was to reserach effectiveness of Evil Overlord Rules.
HistoryLeader of island base, had been researching efficacy of
AbilitiesKnows the Evil Overlord rules, chapter and verse
WeaknessesNot the greatest at original thinking
Theme Three Dog Night - Joy to the World [1971] {self-chosen}
Rampaging Aardvarks - We didn't Conquer the World [2012] {Preston}
Name Hector
Affiliation Apparently affilited with PK group.
Status Fighting.
Appearance A hispanic guy, doesn't look all that buff, although he has heavily integrated cybernetic systems. Looks fairly well armoured because of the metal alloys on his body, including chest and most of his legs and arms. His face is half covered in the armour to, including a green glowing eye-piece.
Recent Missions Fighting the group in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History To be researched.
Abilities Cyborg. Has jetpack, light armour, electric meter diameter shield, probably other powers.
Weaknesses Shield is less effective against area damaging weapons like grenades.
Theme Golden Earring - Radar Love [1974] {Preston}
Name Hobbes
Affiliation Apparently affilited with PK group.
Status Fighting.
Appearance Quite short, less than a meter actually. Hard to make out other details because he's wearing a chameleon body suit that makes him difficult to see.
Recent Missions Fighting the group in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History To be researched.
Abilities Moves fast, uses explosives, climbs walls, throws axes.
Weaknesses Unknown.
Theme AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [1976] {Preston}
NameHooded Falcon
AppearanceFemale, wears cloak light battle armour, and hard leather hood; eye color varies with attacks
Recent MissionsBattled group in Island Assault
HistoryMore details hopefully to be discovered via questioning
AbilitiesRange of eye based attacks, including laser beams and blinding
WeaknessesPowers can be cut off by employer; not the greatest at close combat
Theme The Who - I Can See For Miles [1967] {Preston}
NameLawerence, Alex
AffiliationLeader of Elite Operatives Mercenary firm
AppearanceUnremarkable looking caucation.
Recent MissionsCaptured by SAB commandos in Island Assault.
HistoryDeveloped a form dimension hopping technology and used it to start his own mercenary firm.
AbilitiesCross dimensional recruitment.
WeaknessesOtherwise, ordinary human.
Theme Queen - Another One Bites the Dust [1980] {Preston}
NameLighter, Robert
Status Alive, if quite wounded. Probably healed by now.
AppearanceDark skin and long but not that thick dreadlocks. Only wears boxers (labeled PK) while phasing which reveals a quite fit body.
Recent MissionsBattled group in Island Assault
HistoryAssassin and mercenary who draws a substantial fee
AbilitiesCan phase through lead and anything less dense; martial artist; can physically weaken opponents via attack
WeaknessesStill vulnerable to some environmental damage; Can only keep boxers while phasing
Theme The Cowsills - Hair [1969]{Preston}
NameKid [Name withheld due to status as a juvenile]
AffiliationAdvised Theodore Drake
StatusAlive and grounded for a very long time
AppearanceFive year old male.
Recent MissionsGave advice in Island Assault
HistoryWithheld due to status as a juvenile.
AbilitiesCan see obvious vulnerabilities in plans and guess easy passwords
WeaknessesNeeds an afternoon nap or gets cranky
ThemeHope of the Future - Silly Adults [2010] {Preston}
Name Kinsha, Prudence
Affiliation PK group.
Status Fighting.
Appearance Cute looking Japanese American. Mid twenties, nice black hair, attractive figure. Last scene wearing an oversized AC/DC t-shirt and shorts.
Recent Missions Fighting the group in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History To be researched.
Abilities Can project self as a hologram via Hector. Weapons designer and merchant.
Weaknesses Not the most focused woman.
Theme AC/DC - Highway to Hell [1979] {Preston}
AffiliationRussian Mob
Status Released in custody of templars.
AppearanceHighly variable dependent on powers
Recent MissionsDefeated in Hunting Mobsters
History Had been prisoner in Siberia until broken out by the witch, who controlled him with her powers.
AbilitiesCan use abilities of several different animals at once
WeaknessesHe's smarter than your average critter, but dumber than your average human
ThemeBeatles - I am the Walrus [1967] {Preston}
Name Randolph, Alfred
Affiliation Programmer for Theodore Drake
Status Captured
Appearance Fairly scrawny guy in his mid twenties, wears a Hawaiian shirts
Recent Missions Competed against Ari in Island Assault
History To be determined via questioning.
Abilities Fairly skilled techie
Weaknesses Not so much in the bravery department
Theme Weird Al Yankovich - All About the Pentiums [1999] {self-chosen}
Name Tentacle Monster
Affiliation Unknown.
Status Exorcised and sealed.
Appearance A writhing mass of three meter long olive green, suckered, tentacles The body itself is a six meter in diameter spheroid, and an ugly pucker-marked one from what you can see of it. There are no discernable eyes, mouth, or any features
Recent Missions Defeated in Bohemian Rhapsody (Welcoming Party)
History Unknown.
Abilities Very effective at grabbing things, seemed initially to not be firmly linked to a single dimension gateway. Capable of regenerting.
Weaknesses Can be exorcised. Could be damaged with normal weapons.
Theme None.
Name Troll, Giant
Affiliation Apparently affilited with PK group.
Status Entering the battle.
Appearance Big, real big, three stories tall, green, humanoid but not all that human looking. Carries a howitzer turret and has a shoulder belt with shells.
Recent Missions Fighting the group in Defend the Crown Jewels.
History To be researched.
Abilities Big, has a big gun, that's probably enough.
Weaknesses Should be easy to hit.
Theme None.