Mystical World Fact Book Demographics (researcher: Mary Warlow):

Census of super-natural creatures on Earth:


1 per 7,500 people (counting commuting extra-planars).

The population of extraplanars on our world is ever-changing with few extra-planars spending more than five years in our world and many are summoned for periods not exceeding a day. Possessions of many and varied sorts make up about a three quarters of this overall population. We estimate that 5%-30% of the overall population are pernicious (I tend to find the lower figure more credible). Thankfully, the majority of this population is made up of by creatures with sub-human intelligence that only have weak ties to our world.

This is not to say that the remainder of the population has our best interests at heart, but they are not substantially better or worse than your average human. Many stop by briefly as astral tourists or to study law or brewery.

Centuries of research seem to support the idea that there is a cap on the number of extra-planars that can visit us, one tied to the population of the Earth. In addition, number of visitors and/or a certain amount of mystical power can visit us from any given plane.


1 per 60,000 people.

The exact count of spirits is highly controversial so I'll be sticking to the most commonly agreed upon standards. This count includes spirits that are self-aware in at least some sense and have a noticable effect on the world. Most of this population lacks a coporeal form. In addition, aside from dieties and their servents, most spirits have a thematic or geographical tie to this world.


1 per 7,500 people. (highly variable and subject to swells)

Approximately 90% of undead are incoporeal, such as ghosts or other forms of lingering spirits, held to earth by dark magic, unfinished business, or summoned by some needy descendent. This higher population is because, while rather unpleasant, it is not entirely unnnaturally for a spirit to linger after death, wheras the a body may only continue via some sort of powerful unholy magic or curse.

Zombies, animated skeletons, and the like are among the most common coporeal undead, although they tend to fall apart of be destroyed within a week of creation. Vampires and similarly powerful undead are thought to number in the tens of thousands, although most analyst tend to under-estimate the total count.

Lingering spirits are thought to be pernicious anywhere between 25%-75% of the time, with the lower figure making perhaps excessive allowances for the fact that many were genuinely wronged. Coporeal undead, possessing a will of their own are around 95% pernicious, although the rational among the sympathizers might set that figure as low as 75%.

It has long been my belief that the undead have a greater capacity to accumulate mystical strength than extra-planars do. There is not a single plane to which the dead go, so by trapping souls that might be dispersed across a variety of planes, the undead far exceed the limits on power of any given plane.

Non-Human Species from our plane.

1 per 6,000 people.

Planally local non-human intelligent species are widely thought to have once been more prevelent on our world, only to have their numbers depleted through war with humans or by migraton to another plane. And while this theory accurately speaks to our species unfortunate proclivity towards genocide, it may be based more in romantism about the past than historical fact. While some of these species may have originated sometime before or soon after humans, others may simply be the progeny of extra-planars that decided to setttle on Earth.


1 per 1,200 people.

The majority of this group can blend without any difficulty into human society, most of the rest tend manage with some effort or for a small number live in their own communities, often hidden by magic. In addition to these hybrids a respectable if quite small percentage of 'ordinary' huhmans are thought to have some non-human ancestry somewhere in their family tree, but the genetic influence has been sufficiently dilluted by this point to have no real noticable effect.

Mystical Animals

1 per 40 people.

There are a great number of animals in this world, and a proportional number of them have some sort of Mystical ability. However, in an overwhelming majority of cases (99.9+%), this level of Mystic ability is insufficient to merit a write-up even in an obsessive animal lovers magazine.


1 per 35,000 people.

Constructs tend to be rather long lived and so accumulate over time, hence the relatively high number of them. However, most are quite weak and self-aware in only a greatly limited sencs.


Breakdown of humans by Mystical ability:


995,000 per 1,000,000

Naturals have no Mystical powers and minimal connection to Mystics around them. They may pray to spirits or request help from deceased ancestors, but regardless of whether these requests are granted the supernatural itself will have a fairly secondary effect on their lives. The advent of science is widely thought to have suppressed Mystical forces in our world, although historical records on the subject tend to be suspect at best. However, this hypothesis is supported by the lower incidence of confirmed Mystical incidents in areas where scientific education is more prevalent.

This is not to say that powerful Mystics will have no effect on their lives, but that the effect will largely come through natural means. For example Alexander the Great's battle prowess is widely attributed to some Mystical abilities in addition to a keen mind. However, while he conquered his known world his relationship to his subjects was not strikingly different than that any number of other tyrants.

Among the limited population of scientists studying Mysticism, it is widely thought that there is a basic universal force, likely more powerful than gravity, that keeps the supernatural in check. This is commonly referred to as the Counter-Mystical Force Unfortunately, despite intense efforts, we are not close to understanding the nature of this force, particular as it has proven highly resistant to scientific study. Even so, among those that do not credit one or more spirits with protecting the natural order, the existence of such a force is widely accepted. The largest current debate on the subject is whether the force can be understood, not which of many inadequate hypothesis best explain it.

Mystically aware.

4,000 out of 1,000,000.

The Mystically aware do not have even latent Mystical powers. However, it does have a large, if not overwhelming, effect on their lives. A large proportion of this group is religiously involved in one way or another, though in many cases that may be a consequence, not an instigator of Mystical awareness.

Much of this population is dismissed as kooks or religious zealots by the majority of the population. This is often for good reason, when it comes to the accounts of the mystical or supernatural, there is a high rate of false positivies, even among those that are actually mystically-aware. In fact, seeking to do research on the Internet or via many publicly available resources on the subject result in the researcher coming away less informed. However, this does not mean all who follow or believe in the paranormal are actually mystically aware, just as someone who can throw around technical jargon is not necessarily a scientist or an engineer.

Exorcism is not considered a Mystical ability, although it does require Mystical awareness. The ability exorcise, albeit typically a quite weak form of exorcism, is quite common among the Mystically aware. This exorcism ability is often, but not exclusively, based on or manifested through spiritual belief. It is widely thought that exorcism taps into the Counter-Mystical force, but the nature of this relationship is not understood.

Border-Line Mystics

900 per 1,000,000.

This group has some level of marginal Mystical ability. They may be able to turn over but not lift a pencil using telekinesis or get a bad feeling around unpleasant individuals who hide it well. Similarly they may be non-humans but from a race that does not have the same abilities we do, but are not markedly more powerful.


99 per 1,000,000.

Mystics have abilities which give them a rather useful special ability that ordinary humans would not possess without special technology. The ability to lift a pencil with telekinesis, cast a few simple magic spells, feel someone another's emotions, or to float a few inches above the ground

Powerful Mystics

1 per 1,000,000.

Powerful Mystics have stronger and/or more a greater number of powers than the regular Mystics. Alternately they may only have a single fairly 'weak' Mystical ability that they manage to use to great and often dangerous effect.

Note on cyborgs and biological enhancements.

Using technological and biological enhancements it is possible to increase human performance to far above what could be considered natural levels. However, while these individuals may have abilities on the order of those possessed by Mystics, the Counter-Mystical force appears to not constrain them. Currently no accurate estimates as to their numbers are available.

Although, it should be noted that some cyborg and biological enhance are best described as what is colloquially known as 'mad science.' These enhancements are often impossible to independently reproduce and appear to be a peculiar form of supernatural activity masquerading as science. Cold fusion is the most widely cited example of such. The humans capable of and enhanced via 'mad science' are included in the count of Mystical individuals.