LocationLondon 2020 CE.
EmployerThe British government's MI5 (internal security) in cooperation with the Church of England has a Supernatural Activities Branch (SAB) dedicated to dealing with the occult, 'mad' science and technology, and meta-humans.
Organization of the SABMost of the SAB is managed by permanent civil servants who handle the mundane matters and paperwork that surrounds even supernatural activity. There are also field and combat specialist who are usually on loan from other sections of the government.

However, the agency prefers to use outside consultants when nationaal security allows. On the whole it has proven more economical to richly reward powerful outsiders (or their grieving families as the case may be) than to take the time to train or recruit and then replace a staff capable of handling such missions. This is where most of your character comes in by default.

Mechanics details
Tristat DX core book PDF:The PDF is available here. The book is free, but you do have to 'purchase' it on the page and register in order to download it.
Points available:CP: 90; SP: 30
Skill set:Modern Urban Fantasy [d8]
Modified skill costs:Heavy weapondry costs 3 pts / level
Restricted attributes:None
Backtground points:Up to four are available. Note that a maximum of three will tend to be rewarded for even very good backstories alone
Stat costs:Constant 2 pts / level
Variable damage:Not in effect
Knockback:In effect, but fairly minor
Shock rules:Not in effect
House rules: These affect most characters.
Ability Changes : Listed alphabetically here and are only relevant to the specified abilities.
HP and EP regain rate: HP daily. EP hourly. The recharge rate is maximum points divided by ten. So abilities that boost HP and EP also boost the rate. Hospital care is required for HP regain after serious injuries.
Advancement:I'm using my own system of advancement based on monetary rewards for missions.
Gadgets:Playing fairly fast and loose where the rules aren't specific. Go ahead and get supernatural gear as part of gadgets, though powerful stuff should still be acquired as Items of Power. If you aren't certain whether something is minor or major gear compare it to the stuff described in the book and don't be afraid to ask.