Missions Logs June 20, 2020-August 1, 2020 (In Chronological Order):
Operation:UFO catcher.
Mission Type:Pursuit and Incapacitation
Opposition Force Type:Airborne Technological.
Team:Ari, Jason Ashton, Jonathon Marlyne, Saki Morikawa, Tim Shimiru, Marcus Smith
Logs: No, Mr. Bond. I want you to be an adorable souvenir.
Results: Success (60,000 reward).
Operation: Hunting Mobsters.
Type: Investigative and Dual Incapacitation
Opposition Force Type: Supernatural.
Team:Jason Ashton, Angel Crosse, Lester Welch, Kendrick Wickham, Drew Wilson
Logs: What do we burn besides witches?, More witches!
Results: Smashing success (60,000 reward).
Operation: Air Superiority
Opposition Force Type: Airborne Supernatural.
Team:Saki Morikawa, Ren Ran, Marcus Smith
Logs: When angels deserve to die.
Results: Total success, bonus objectives met (70,000 reward).
Operation: Vampire Vacation Violence
Opposition Force Type: Undead.
Team:Angel Crosse, Jonathon Marlyne, Saki Morikawa, Marcus Smith, Lester Welch,
Logs: What's worse than disease on a cruise you ask?, Melting and entering.
Results: Messy but successful, bonus objectives met (80,000 reward).
Operation: Assault on a Secluded Island Fortress. [Briefing]
Type: Heavy Assault
Opposition Force Type: Mixed (Primarily Technological).
Team:Ari, Jason Ashton, Jonathon Marlyne, Ren Ran, Marcus Smith
Logs: Weld and it shall be opened unto you (part 1), Ambush in the jail block (part2), Flashy and firey finale (part3), Marcus and the Devil Cat (also part 3)
Results: Key objectives and most secondary objectives met (160,000 reward).
Gathering: Celebratory Soiree [June 20, 2020]
Attendees: Ari, Angel Crosse, Jonathon Marlyne, Marcus Smith, Kendrick Wickham, Drew Wilson
Logs: Main room, The Lab
Operation: Visiting Hours [Briefing](Air Superiority continued)
Type: Counter-intrusion.
Team: Jonathon Marlyne, Marcus Smith, Ren Ran, Drew Wilson
Opposition Force Type: Supernatural (tekes)
Logs: Facing the Storm, When Trouble Comes a Knocking..., Epilogue
Results: Tekes captured, but their hearts and minds proved elusive. (100,000 reward)
8/1/20 Report on Maelstrom, Manic, and Magnie
Date: August 1, 2020
  1. Jason
  2. Jonathon
  1. Rick Bao
  2. Derk
  1. Someone's looking into Jason
  2. Celebrity fundraising