Missions Logs August 2, 2020-August 31, 2020 (In Chronological Order):

Date: August 2, 2020
  1. Jonathon
  2. Ari
  1. Tekes
  2. Mai, PK console
  1. Release of the Tekes
  2. Ari talks to the computer PK hacked
Operation: Ambulance Chasing. (VVV continued) [Briefing] [August 3-4, 2020]
Type: Pursuit and counter-retrieval
Team: Ari, Jason Ashton, Jonathon Marlyne, Kurt Petros, Marcus Smith, Ren Ran, Leslie Seifer, Kendrick Wickham
Opposition Force Type: Undead.
Logs: Prelude Roof Apartment The Chase (Group 1) The Chase (Group 2) The Chase (Joint) Epilogue/Recovery

Complete success, although the team was in tatters

  • 30,000: Ari for her remote work.
  • 125,000: Kurt Petros, penalized for allowing Leslie Seifer to fall
  • 195,000: Leslie Seifer: For takedown of Carnal and assistance against Anwyl.
  • 215,000: Jason Ashton, Jonathon Marlyne, Ren Ran, for takedown of Anwyl.
  • 275,000: Marcus Smith, Kendrick Wickham. For takedown of Anwyl and peaceful resolution with Leslie Seifer
Date: August 3, 2020
PCs: Kendrick and Red
NPCs: None
Logs: How the world works (incomplete)
Date: August 7, 2020
PCs: Jonathon
NPCs: Assistant reporter
Logs: Jonathon talks on the phone at the hospital
Operation: Defend the Crown Jewels! [Briefing] [August 10, 2020]
Type: Counter-Intrusion
Team: Katherine Andrews, Ari, Ben Carmichael, Miles Innis Fox, Jonathon Marlyne, Tim Shimiru, Drew Wilson
Opposition Force Type: Mixed (Primarily Technological).
Logs: Imprudent Hector's Head
Results: Success, crown Jewels and two members of the opposition captured. (115,000 reward for all. 30,000 penalty for Ben Carmichael for reckless disregard of potential collateral damage).
  1. August 10, 2020
  1. Jonathon
  2. Ari, Miles Innis Fox, Kurt Petros, Leslie Seifer.
  1. Warlow
  2. SAB Staff
  1. Jonathon gets caught
  2. Dinner
Date: August 11, 2020
PCs: Jonathon
NPCs: Prudence and Mael
Logs: Jonathon gets a call from a girl he wants to talk to and one he doesn't
Date: August 12, 2020
  1. Jonathon and Ren
  2. Katherine Andrews, Miles Innis Fox, Jonathon Marlyne, Marguerite McLochlane, Kurt Petros, Leslie Seifer, Tim Shimiru.
  1. Mael, Magnie, and Manic
  2. Staff
  1. Going to a picnic
  2. Enter the Marguerite
Gathering: August 13, 2020
Attendees: Katherine Andrews, Leslie Seifer.
Logs: Daring Escape
Date: August 14, 2020
PCs: Kahlya
NPCs: Ghost
Logs: Khalya joins up
Operation: Bohemian Rhapsody. [Briefing] [August 17, 2020]
Type: Pursuit, Retrieval, and Counter-Assassination
Opposition Force Type: Extraplaners and the sort that slay them.

Welcoming Party Team: Ben Carmichael, Miles Innis Fox, Saldin Qian, Leslie Seifer, Marcus Smith

Bug Zapper Team: Jason Ashton, Marguerite McLochlane, Saki Morikawa, Kurt Petros

Logs: Prelude Welcoming Party Team: ( First day on the job Breaker's Brain Synagogue ) Bug Zapper Team (Saki's Site Survey, Taking all comers, Jason runs off, Saki runs off) Jason in the Hospital

Welcoming Party: 180,000.

Bug Zapper: 130,000 (2*10,000 1*30,000 for EU commandos; 30,000 each for Angels; 20,000 for Magma woman)

Date: August 17, 2020 1400 GMT
PCs: Jason, Saki
NPCs: None
Logs: Saki visits the bedridden Jason
Date: August 18, 2020 0900 GMT
  1. Jason
  2. Katherine Andrews, Ben Carmichael, Miles Innis Fox, Marguerite McLochlane, Yvonne Mozzarella , Leslie Seifer, Tim Shimiru
  1. Warlow, Eris, Ruth, Edge, Julio
  2. Staff
  1. Jason gets healed
  2. Bar and Grill
Gathering: August 19, 2020
  1. Roy Black, Miles Innis Fox, Alice Jennings, Kurt Petros, Kahlya Rashid, Elsa Reimann, Leslie Seifer, Tim Shimiru
  2. Jason Ashton, Saki Morikawa.
  1. No, they don't actually take a break from fighting
  2. Motorcycles and the Art of Inebriation Maintenance
Gathering: Strip poker and combat training don't mix (to Yvonne's disappointment) [August 20, 2020]
Attendees: Miles Innis Fox, Marguerite McLochlane, Yvonne Mozzarella. Kurt Petros, Saldin Qian, Leslie Seifer, Tim Shimiru
Logs: Training Subsequent Dinner
Debriefing: Questioning of the surviving EU commando from the Bug Zapper mission. [August 21, 2020]
Attendees: Arktos, Marguerite McLochlane, Saki Morikawa, Kurt Petros, Saldin Qian.
Logs: Hospital Debriefing
Date: August 26, 1000 GMT
PCs: Ari
NPCs: None
Logs: Ari researchers other PCs