Missions Logs October 1, 2020-October 18, 2020 (In Chronological Order):

Operation: Tournament round two [October 1, 2020]
Type: One on one combat.
Team: Varied.
  1. Picking Fights [10/1]
  2. Summoning Trouble Watching (Maggie vs. Yvonne) [10/7]
  3. It's a Gundam! (Miles vs. Bookie) [10/11]
  4. Gimmick Fighting (Kurt vs. Wraith) [10/12]
  5. Castle duel (Ren vs. Edge)[10/13]
  6. Yuri vs. Bookie Watch [10/14]
  7. Kahlya re-emerges [10/15]
  8. Tim vs. Mak, Watch [10/16]
  9. Kahlya vs. Eris, Watch [10/17]

[SAB fighters are rewarded for all fights. Non-SAB fighters are rewarded for fights against Paragene, Peter's Group, Vanguard, or Templars]

  • 400,000: Kurt Petros.
  • 200,000: Miles Fox, Marguerite McLochlane, Yuri Nanirabo, Tim Shimiru for losses revealing information about the opposition.
  • 200,000: Ren Ran for a loss revealing information about the opposition. If he wins the rematch, he will receive another 200,000.
  • 0: Yvonne Mozzarella, Kahlya Rashid for defeating SAB/Sexy SAB contenders and not fighting on behalf of SAB.
Operation: Wetwork follow-up. [10/2]
Type: Mixed.
Opposition Force Type:

Kelvin (The ice mage)

Team: Miles Fox, Saki Morikawa, Yuri Nanirabo, Kahlya Rashid. [Arktos was also present.]
Logs: Abominamibinanble snow man,Should have listened when she asked nicely [10/2]
Reports: Report on Data Found in the Caucuses and Preliminary Briefing for for Follow-up Mission "Devil's Due."
Rewards 165,000 to Miles Fox, Saki Morikawa, Yuri Nanirabo, Kahlya Rashid. Mission was successful, but reward is lower due to not retrieving Kelvin alive for further questioning. This failure was mitigated by the successful retrieval of one of his subordinates.

SAB staff is currently attempting to resume communication with Arktos.
Date: October 3, 2000 GMT
  1. Ari Tim
  2. Tim
  1. None
  2. Taki
  1. Avotsab prelude to Unveiling wraith
  2. Inter-generational
Date: October 5, 2000 GMT
PCs: Maggie and Yuri
NPCs: Vega and EU base staff
Logs: Investigating Arcana spirits
Date: October 6, 2000 GMT
PCs: Maggie and Kurt
NPCs: Mai, Julio, and Reshma
Logs: Maggie and Kurt divine about Yvonne
Date: October 7, 2000 GMT
PCs: Maggie
NPCs: Breaker
Logs: Talking about demons
Date: October 8, 2000 GMT
PCs: Maggie and Saldin
NPCs: Warlow and Eckerd
Logs: More talking about demons
Date: October 10, 2000 GMT
  1. Tim
  2. Tim
  3. Saki
  1. Mai
  2. Tom, Dick, ad Harmony
  3. Taki (guest)
  1. Tim gets answers from Mai, Tim begins his occult training
  2. Conning AVOTSAB's conmen
  3. Theme ingrediant: -aki
Date: October 11 , 2020
  1. Ren
  2. Tim
  1. Peter and his group. A secret base and its staffers.
  2. Mai
  1. Research with Peter Entering the base Second floor and debriefing
  2. Baiting Teacher
Date: October 12 , 1906 GMT
  1. Tim
  2. Kahlya
  1. Victor
  2. Terrance, Miranda, Arcana Spirits
  1. Laying the trap for AVotSAB
  2. Plan of attack
Operation: Whither Saki? [10/13]
Type: Investigation.
Opposition Force Type:

Demonic and Tarot forces.

  1. Jason Ashton, Yuri Nanirabo, Marguerite McLochlane [Katherine Andrews via phone]
  2. Jason Ashton, Yuri Nanirabo, Marguerite McLochlane [Katherine Andrews via phone]
  1. SAB's ace investigative team, Calls with Eckerd Hallway Encounters Helpful Phonecalls [10/13]
  2. Morning of the Rescue Upstairs [10/13]
  • 250,000 Jason Ashton, Marguerite McLochlane, Yuri Nanirabo for the rescue of Saki Morikawa, live (albiet maimed) capture of two of the possessed, and the elimination of the Tarot Possessor threat.
  • 175,000 Yuri Nanirabo and Marguerite McLochlane for prior investigation of the Tarot Possessors.
Date: October 13, 2020
  1. Saki, Kahyla
  2. Yuri
  3. Kahlya
  4. Kahlya Rashid, Saldin Qian, and Clerics
  5. Kahlya and Saldin
  6. Saki and Jason
  1. Will, Eris, Wretched patrons and staff
  2. Tarot Spirits
  3. Mandy and her family, Death, Father Doyle, Terrance, Hurst
  4. Mandy
  5. Death, Father Doyle, Mandy.
  6. Eris and Tarot Sprits
  1. Kidnapping from Saki's prespective, Kahyla's perspective Saki goes to Hell
  2. Tips from the Barkeep
  3. Waking up dead, Kahlya and Mandy's Bogus Journey, Negotiating for her life
  4. Mandy's head, Saldin and Kahyla talk after death goes down
  5. Call for help, Death by the River
  6. The Tower
Date: October 14, 2020
  1. Kahlya
  2. Tim
  1. Ragnar
  2. Victor, AVOTSAB
  1. Kahlya awakes
  2. Picking out a present, Talking with Maggie, Lowering the magnitude
Date: October 15, 2020
PCs: Saki, Jason, Yuri, Kahlya, and Maggie
NPCs: None
Logs: Commiserating with Jason, Trying to get help from Maggie, Talking with Kahlya, Call to Warlow, Back to Saki
Date: October 18, 2020
PCs: Kahlya
NPCs: Mandy
Logs: Training Mandy
Date: October 19, 2020
  1. Jason, Saki, and Maggie
  2. Kahlya
  1. None
  2. Mandy
  1. Kahlya's on TV
  2. Journey Home