Final Mission:

Present Day: October 31, 2020. 12 PM GMT.
Operation: Devil's Due [Final Mission]
Briefing: Report on Data Found in the Caucuses and Preliminary Briefing for for Follow-up Mission "Devil's Due."
Type: Heavy Assault
Opposition Force Type:

Hell dimension

Team: Tim Shimeru, Yvonne Mozzarella, Yuri Nanirabo, Kahlya Rashid, Tim Shimeru, Ren Ran.
Logs: Down the Rabbit Hole, Top half of the deck (or Walrus Bowling), Bottom half of the deck (or Off with their Heads), Tim for the block, Maggie for the win
Reward: 1 million pounds each. A wish to whomever downs Kristof.

Completed Missions:

Mission Archives
  1. June 20, 2020 to August 1
  2. August 2 to August 31
  3. September 1 to September 30
  4. October 1 to October 18, 2020
Operation: Telekinetics follow-up. [10/17]
Type: Mixed.
Opposition Force Type: Paragene thugs, Volt, Raleigh.
Team: Saldin Qain, Ren Ran, Jonathon, Yuri.
  1. Plugging the Wormhole [10/17]
  2. He's not mad, just misunderstood [10/20]
  3. Bring out your Bard [10/20]
  4. Alliances [10/20]
  5. Quoting the Raven [10/20]
  6. Meanwhile in Hong Kong [10/20]
  7. Evening with Emma, Evening with Volt [10/20]
  8. Dealmaking [10/20]
  1. 200,000: 150,000 Base reward. 50,000 Bonus for capturing all officials and avoiding harm to the dimensional fabric of the universe.
  2. (All other Sessions) 400,000.
Date: October 19, 2020
  1. Jason, Saki, and Maggie
  2. Kahlya
  1. None
  2. Mandy
  1. Kahlya's on TV
  2. The fight (repeat posting with tourney)
  3. Journey Home
Date: October 20, 2020
PCs: Kahlya
NPCs: Breaker and Mandy
  1. To Florida!
  2. To hell and back
  3. Threats
Operation: Tournament rounds three (eight contenders), four (four contenders), and five (two contenders). [October 1, 2020]
Briefing: Tournament Site Pictures
Type: One on one combat.
Team: Varied.
  1. Next Generation Battlegrounds [10/18]
  2. Kahlya vs. Mak Kahlya vs. Saki, Jason, and Maggie [10/19]
  3. Ren vs. Edge, Watch [10/19]
  4. Yvonne vs. Edge, Watch [10/20]
  5. Saldin vs. Bookie, Watch[10/20]
  6. Yvonne vs. Bookie [10/22]
  7. The final disposition of Breaker [10/22]
Date: October 23, 2020
PCs: Ren
NPCs: Peter and Mak
Logs: Closure
Date: October 23, 2020
PCs: Yuri and Maggie
NPCs: Breaker
Logs: Trial by Earth and Fire; Time Trial; Save the Star, Save the World