Missions Logs September 1, 2020-September 30, 2020 (In Chronological Order):

Operation: Bad Moon Rising. [Briefing available] [September 3-5, 2020]
Type: Investigation and Heavy Assault.
Opposition Force Type: Werewolves, (lots of werewolves).

Investigation Team: Ben Carmichael, Angel Crosse, Saldin Qian, Tim Shimiru.

Heavy Assault Team: Arktos, Roy Black, Marguerite McLochlane, Kurt Petros, Kahlya Rashid, Leslie Seifer, Drew Wilson.



  1. My travel agent didn't mention this
  2. The Tent
  3. Not ASPCA approved
  4. Charm Offensive in Jakarta
  5. ... to Grandmother's Temple
  6. Missed Signals

Heavy Assault: [Town Map]
  1. A british werewolf in Britain, Red's Sniping, Arktos's Scouting
  2. Why they don't let werewolves in restaurants, Kurt in the Hotel, Kahlya as a house guest, Police Station, Red continues to snipe.
  3. A hunt and an Open House, Downstairs in the Mansion, Sniper vs. Werewolf, Continuing adventures of Kahlya

85,000 (60,000 for containing epidemic, 20,000 for capturing originator, 5,000 for gathering a great deal of information to be used to determine the nature of the rapid spread of this variant).

Date: September 5, 1000 GMT
PCs: Ari and Jonathon
NPCs: None
Logs: Ari and Jonathon research other PCs Jonathon's phone call
Date: September 6, 1000 GMT
PCs: Kahyla and Miles
NPCs: None
Logs: Kahlya hits up Miles for information
Gathering: Training, food, and morality [September 7, 2020]
Attendees: Ben Carmichael, Marguerite McLochlane, Saki Morikawa, Kurt Petros, Leslie Seifer, Tim Shimiru
Logs: On the shooting of prisoners
Hearing: On Ms. Crosse's roll in the death of an Indonesian citizen during BMR [September 8, 2020]
Attendees: Ben Carmichael, Angel Crosse, Tim Shimiru
Logs: Bad Angel, no cookie
Date: September 8, 1000 GMT
  1. Jason Ashton, Miles Innis Fox, Marguerite McLochlane, Saki Morikawa, Kurt Petros, Saldin Qian, Kahlya Rashid, Tim Shimiru
  2. Jason and Saki
  1. Eris
  2. Motorcycle Gang
  1. Wretched Real end to Wretched
  2. Drag Race Date
Date: September 9, 2020
  1. Katherine Andrews, Ari (briefly), Miles Innis Fox, Saki Morikawa, Saldin Qian, Ren Ran, Leslie Seifer.
  2. Ari, Kendrick
  1. Incidental
  2. Eckerd, Lord, Preston
  1. Sushi and Meta-art criticism
  2. Ari and Kendrick get promoted
Date: September 10, 2020
  1. Saldin Miles
  2. Saldin
  3. Tim
  4. Saldin Qian, Leslie Seifer, Yvonne Mozzarella.
  1. None
  2. Breaker
  3. Tom, Dick, Harmony
  4. Incidental
  1. Scenic Conversation
  2. Heart to heart with the crazy girl
  4. Why will no one trust Saldin's Artisan abilities?
Date: September 13, 2020
PCs: Tim and Ari
NPCs: None
Logs: Discussing AVOTSAB
Operation: Wetwork [Briefing available] [September 14, 2020]
Type: Heavy Assault/Counter terrorism
Opposition Force Type: Conventional terrorist with mystical support of unknown type.
Team: Arktos, Ben Carmichael, Miles Fox, Yvonne Mozzarella, Kurt Petros, Kahlya Rashid
Reinforcements: (Ren Ran, Saldin Qian)
  1. Mind the Mines, Accessorizing the Kill switch, Ben and Yates
  2. A hard spot in a rock, Plottings and Counter-plottings
  3. Calvary Arrives, Fear Death by Water, Ben's Exit [Lost due to technical (GM) error]
  • Original combat team: 70,000 (20,000 for capture of a high ranking prisoner; 20,000 incapacitation of two supernatural mercenaries; 30,000 for primary goal after adjustments from deaths of hostages during combat, flooding of Chunnel, and need for reinforcements)
  • Yvonne Mozerrala: 20,000 bonus (Suggesting evacuating the trains)
  • Ben Carmichael: 80,000 (Preventing the escape of Emma Yates)
  • Saldin Qian : 40,000 (Assistance in completion of mission)
  • Ren Ran : 60,000 (Assistance in completion of mission; dedication in evacuation of hostages.)
Date: September 14, 1800 GMT
PCs: Jonathon
NPCs: Press secretry, Malzoon
Logs: Press Conference Followup
Gathering: Press Conference [September 14, 2020]
Attendees: Hospital: Frei. Yvonne Mozzarella; Television: Jonathon Marlyne
Logs: Don't take candy from strangers, Jonathon's on TV!
Date: September 15, 1800 GMT
PCs: Jason
NPCs: Bar patrons, Miranda, Devil
Logs: The Devil and Jason Ashton
Operation: SAB and the Preparatory School of Magic. [Briefing available] [September 18, 2020]
Type: Investigation and Intrusion
Opposition Force Type: Wizardlings.
Team: Katherine Andrews, Ari, Ben Carmichael, Yvonne Mozzarella, Leslie Seifer.
  1. Ditching Yvonne
  2. WIB, Shouldn't you be in class?, Parental Interview
  3. Red, Don't feed the animals, Ben
  4. Red and Ari interview , Katherine and Frei are interviewed , Ben
  5. Red and Ari dine, Ben, Ari off to the lab again
  6. Red, Ben and Katherine confer
  7. Everybody confers!
  8. Unlikely Couples, Girl Stuff, You Know
  9. Dustin for Clues, More Overpriced Than Beanie Babies
  10. Lion's Den
  11. Ari and Red Sneak Around, We're Bored
  12. Adults.
  13. Any ending you can walk a way from is an... ending.
  • Note: Rewards updated to reflect increased budget.
  • Katherine Andrews, Ari, Ben Carmichael, Leslie Seifer: 400,000 (Note: Ben Carmichael declined his payment, it instead went to keeping Luther Hurst silent.)
  • Yvonne Mozerrala: 50,000
Date: September 18, 1800 GMT
  1. Saki, Jason
  2. Kahlya
  3. Kurt
  1. None
  2. Terrence
  3. Mindswapper
  1. Saki finds a fun secret about Jason Part 2?
  2. Kahyla gets a new assigment
  3. Kurt's rendevous in Switzerland
Date: September 19, 1405 GMT
PCs: Saldin
NPCs: Ruth
Logs: Saldin and Ruth converse telepathically in the tunnel
Operation: Research - For the Love of Breaker [September 19, 2020]
Type: Investigation.
Opposition Force Type: Varied Factions
  1. Jonathon Marlyne, Yvonne Mozzarella, Saldin Qian
  2. Ari, Miles Fox, Kahlya Rashid, Tim Shimeru, Kurt Petros.
  3. Saki Morikawa, Yuri Nanirabo
  4. Yvonne Mozzarella, Kurt Petros, Tim Shimeru.
  1. Talking to the Templars, Writing the Report.[9/19]
  2. Derobing Wraith [10/3] Hospitals aren't just for SAB [10/11]
  3. Setting odds on Bookie, Gaming with the Enemy [10/10]
  4. Researching Mak Wrap up [10/13]
  1. The Templars (compiled by Yvonne)
  2. Preliminary Report on Mak and Peter's Group
  1. Mission:
    Saldin Qain and Yvonne Mozzarella: 75,000
    Jonathon Marlyne: 65,000 (Additional reward available pending sharing of follow up with Lonava)
    Yvonne Mozzarella: 75,000. Saldin Qain: 25,000. For future reference, a narrative is unnecessary. However, the compilation and analysis of information at the end of the report was sufficient to merit full payment.
  2. 100,000 for all.
  3. 50,000 for all.
  4. 150,000 for all.
Operation: First Round - For the Love of Breaker Tourney [September 20, 2020]
Type: One on one combat.
Opposition Force Type: Varied Factions
Team: Varied
  1. Introducing the Fighters [9/20]
  2. Yvonne vs. Ke (Paragene). [9/20]
  3. Red vs. Priest Peter (Peter's Group). [9/20]
  4. Ren vs. Julio (Templars). [9/20]
  5. Kahlya vs. Alba (EU). [9/21]
  6. Maggie vs. Jerk Peter (EU). [9/23]
  7. Angel vs. Tim [9/24]
  8. Saldin vs. Volt (Paragene) [9/25]
  9. Yuri vs. Will (Smee) [9/26]
  10. Kurt vs. Hector (Smee) [9/27]
  11. Postlude: Tim in the Hospital [10/1]

[SAB is recompensing Saldin's team when they are fighting non-SAB foes]

  • 400,000: Saldin Qain for winning an upset.
  • 400,000: Marguerite McLochlane for superior use of tactics.
  • 300,000: Yuri Nanirabo for winning an upset.
  • 200,000: Yvonne Mozzarella, Kurt Petros, Kahlya Rashid, Ren Ran, Leslie Seifer for winning.
  • 0: Tim Shimiru, Angel Crosse.
Date: September 20, 2020
PCs: Jonathon
NPCs: Mael
Logs: Talking about templars
Date: September 21, 2020
PCs: Jonathon
NPCs: Ruth
Logs: Interview
Date: September 22, 1405 GMT
PCs: Kahlya
NPCs: Terrance, Smee staff and champions, Miranda (offscreen), Bad Peter and spirits
Logs: Making deals
Date: September 24, 1405 GMT
PCs: Kahlya
NPCs: Tarot Spirits
Logs: Creepy Conversations (lost)
Date: September 26, 1405 GMT
PCs: Kurt
NPCs: Vanguard staffers
Logs: Arrival in Hong Kong, Infiltration Exit
Date: September 30, 2020
  1. Yuri
  2. Jonathon and Ari
  1. Will
  2. None
  1. Yuri and Will in Waikiki Moving to a secluded island
  2. Asking out